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Service Department

No Matter What Brand,  NE Lift can Fix It Right!

New England Lift Trucks friendly technicians specialize in providing fast, reliable service on all makes, models, and size forklifts. We offer complete rebuilding at our facility or on-site service via our fleet of expertly trained professionals each with over 20 years average experience. That means when you get forklift service from us, it's not only fixed, but it's fixed right.
Unlike our competition, we let the customer dictate our response time. If you have a service problem and you need fast action, call now.

New England Lift Truck's Service Department Offers

- Service & parts for all lift truck makes and models.
- Individual technician assigned to your account and a Customer Service Representative to back him up.
- Special programs make customer satisfaction the number one priority with our service technicians.
- Weekly information sessions keep our staff up to date about a client's unique problem or situation.
- Longer parts and labor warranties than the competition.
- Competitive pricing and cost effective maintenance programs.

Pick-up & Delivery Service

The total costs for operating a forklift is often 80% more than the actual purchase price for the equipment. NE Lift Truck Planned Fleet Maintenance (PFM) is the way to ensure that your forklift trucks are maintained according to the optimal maintenance schedule by professionally trained NE Lift Truck personnel.
Our program is designed to EXTEND the life of your lift trucks while saving your company time and money. Let NE Lift Truck's Planned Fleet Maintenance help you control maintenance costs, minimize downtime, and reduce the need for in-plant services.
To make things simple, NE Lift Truck Planned Fleet Maintenance is billed at a per-machine flat rate. Call us for more details.

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